Chocolate Tree

CHOCOLATE TREE, Dunbar, Scotland, UK

The Scottish chocolate makers like to find the boundaries of and this is how they regularly come up with new, exciting flavour combinations. But they will never compromise on quality and ethics. If you have a Chocolate Tree bar you can be assured that all the ingredients are top-notch, from the carefully selected organic cocoa to the sugar.


About Chocolate Tree

  • Near the breezy coast of Dunbar in Scotland, chocolate makers and life partners Alastair and Friederike Gower have been crafting bean-to-bar chocolate since 2012.
  • The Chocolate Tree company was founded when the craft bean-to-bar chocolate movement in Europe was just getting started, making them one of the pioneers.
  • Venezuela, Peru and Belize are their preferred choices of origin for dark
    chocolate bars that range from 70% up to 100% cacao.
  • Their mission is to create fine flavor chocolate whilst protecting biodiversity and rewarding farmers with a high price for their cacao. Chocolate Tree donates 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofits.
  • Chocolate Tree inclusion bars have gained them international fame, and among the most appreciated we find the Whisky Nibs, the Chai Spice and the Hazelnut (Gianduja) bars.
  • Alastair and Friederike like to travel often to South and Central America to personally meet the farmers that produce their cacao. You will also find them at renowned chocolate festivals and events around the world showcasing their chocolate and enlarging their fanbase.
  • Not only bean-to-bar chocolate, but Chocolate Tree also offers a rich assortment of varied goods, from Organic Chocolate Bars made with cacao liquor from Peru and a wide range of visually stunning inclusions, to Specialty Hot Chocolate bags perfect to bring fine chocolate flavors inside professional kitchens.