Krak Chocolade

Krak came into being after Mark Schimmel worked for years as a pastry chef and restaurant patissier with the versatile (and also his favorite) product chocolate. Prior to his adventure with Krak Chocolate, Mark has extensive experience as a pastry chef and pastry chef at the highest level. Mark knows from the start that chocolate is his big passion. In two top restaurants where Mark has worked, people worked with the most expensive caviar, the best wines and the tastiest truffles, but not with the best or homemade chocolate. This made him think, this had to be different!

Mark bought 2 small chocolate machines and started experimenting with making his own chocolate. After years of perfecting, this resulted in the chocolate that Krak is known for: Chocolate as chocolate is meant to be! Every type of cocoa has its own processing; one cocoa bean needs to be roasted a little shorter at a higher temperature, while the other needs to be rolled a little longer to make the aromas stand out best. Krakow chocolate is now a professional chocolate maker. Krak already has 20 points of sale in the Netherlands, Germany, England and France.



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