Georgia Ramon

In May 2015, the German Georg Bernadini (author of the great reference book on chocolate 'CHOCOLATE - THE REFERENCE STANDARD') together with his life partner Ramona Gustmann fulfilled his long cherished dream of starting his own chocolate company. Georgia Ramon's arty chocolate was born! While Ramona deals with the marketing and finance, Georg manages the production of the dark gold.

Born September 9, 1967, Georg Bernadini has an Italian background with many family members who owned restaurants. The passion for the culinary craft was present from an early age and the dream of setting up your own company related to chocolate had sprung from an early age. In 1984 his career started at the Konditorei Müller-Langhardt in Bonn. He had gained experience in several German Konditoreien when he was moved to France in 1987, where he achieved glory. He then returned to Germany, where he worked very intensively and with many responsibilities with the chocolate producer Oliver Coppeneur, at Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon from November 1992 to June 2010 and immersed himself in the production of bean-to-bar chocolate, which when just came up.

After 27 years of experience in the largest branches of the chocolate industry and patisserie, he wrote a large reference work of over 900 pages, in which he applies his great wealth of knowledge to assess the many products with which he has come into contact. In 2015 he founded Georgia Ramon, with which he shares his craftsmanship and experience in a piece of special chocolate with you.

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  • Georgia Ramon - Coffee & Cacao Nibs 55%
    Georgia Ramon - Coffee & Cacao Nibs 55%

    Conched with liquefied Arabica coffee beans, roasted by the Speicherstadt coffee roastery in Hamburg. The coffee chocolate goes very well with crispy roasted cocoa nibs that we make from cocoa from the Dominican…

    € 6,25
  • Georgia Ramon - Haiti Pisa Farmers 58%
    Georgia Ramon - Haiti Pisa Farmers 58%

    Haiti is an island nation located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles. Haiti is located in the western part of the island and the neighboring state of Dominican Republic in the eastern part.
    The Dufort family…

    € 6,25
  • Georgia Ramon - Pistachios Vegan 44%
    Georgia Ramon - Pistachios Vegan 44%

    Vegan light chocolate made with cold-pressed almond flour from Sicily. Refined with roasted and subtly salted Sicilian pistachios.

    Ingredients: cocoa butter *, raw cane sugar *, de-oiled almond flour * (17%), cocoa mass *,…

    € 6,25


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