The ‘Red Island’, Madagascar, brings cocoa with a unique flavour. Chocolatiers know why they choose Madagascan beans over and over again. The island has been producing cocoa since the beginning of the past century and belongs to the international top. Shahin Cassam Chenai started his own chocolate brand in 2005. The brand name brings together two iconic characteristics of Madagascar: red and cocoa. Meaning mena and kao Malagasy. Manakau is a true local product. From bean to bar, the complete production process gets done on Madagascar. Cassam Chenai selected the beans from the Domaine Millot for his bars. A plantation that counts more than hundred years. Menakao is local and fair. All farmers receive 37% more than the Fair Trade price. Menakao is proud of its roots and people and the packaging shows that.

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  • Menakao - Bird Chili 63%
    Menakao - Bird Chili 63%

    The spicy taste of the Thai chili pepper makes your taste buds tingle. The fruity taste of the dark chocolate rises immediately to dissipate the burning sensation of the pepper, leaving fresh and fruity notes of the chocolate…

    € 4,95
  • Menakao - Orange & Cranberries 63%
    Menakao - Orange & Cranberries 63%

    Deze mix van levendige smaken bevat op de verpakking het portret van een jonge vrouw van de Antanosy-bevolking (‘die van het eiland’) in Fort Dauphin, een oase van koelte op het kruispunt van de bergen, de woestijn en de…

    € 4,95
  • Menakao - Arabica & Sea Salt 63%
    Menakao - Arabica & Sea Salt 63%

    The packaging is decorated with the face of a young Hova man - Merina ("the high country") from the Antananarivo region, whose inhabitants of Indonesian or Malaysian descent have reached the highlands after his arrival in…

    € 4,95


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