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The story of Venchi goes all the way to far in 1800. The first chocolate from this house was born in the Piedmont region. Silviano Venchi, an ambitious young man, had a passion for chocolate from an early age. He grew up in Turin and enjoyed the smells of the chocolate makers and bakeries that roamed the streets. Sometimes he hid in the kitchens to see how the cakes, breads and also the chocolate were made. No wonder he later opened his own store in 1878. It was known to Silviano that he did not necessarily enjoy his products, but rather the faces of the customers when they were tasting. Today, Venchi has become one of the world's most famous and delicate chocolate makers. To this day, the house still works according to the procedures and with the ingredients that Silviano had written and used. Almost everything is still done by hand.


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  • Venchi - Cremino 1878
    Venchi - Cremino 1878

    A layer of white chocolate with food between two gianduja milk with hazelnuts from the region, that is how the sublime bar Cremino 1878 is constructed.

    The quality of the excellent Piedmont Cremino chocolate, in its original…

    € 7,25
  • Venchi Chocolates - Cremino Fondente
    Venchi Chocolates - Cremino Fondente

    The extra thick, three-layer cremino tablet - consisting of a layer of 56% dark chocolate with almond paste, between two layers of dark chocolate (75%) with a hazelnut pie. A declination of the classic recipe, for lovers of dark…

    € 7,25
  • Venchi Chocolates - Cremino Pistachio
    Venchi Chocolates - Cremino Pistachio

    A three-layer cremino chocolate tablet with pistachio paste - a layer of white chocolate between two layers of milk chocolate, with pistachio paste for an authentic, Italian experience. A masterpiece for the tongue.
    An alternative…

    € 7,25
  • Venchi Chocolates - Nocciolata Latte
    Venchi Chocolates - Nocciolata Latte

    Milk chocolate tablet with whole hazelnuts exclusively from Piedmont (Le Tondi and Gentili Langhe). The bar contains a minimum percentage of 30% cocoa.
    A classic from the chocolate tradition of Piedmont, for a satisfying tasting…

    € 7,25
  • Venchi Chocolates - Nocciolata Fondente 56%
    Venchi Chocolates - Nocciolata Fondente 56%

    56% dark chocolate tablet with whole hazelnuts, exclusively from Piedmont.
    A combination of flavors - those of dark chocolate and hazelnuts - and textures that make this chocolate a timeless classic
    The Nocciolata Fondente tablet…

    € 7,25


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