Chocolat Bonnat

The recipes of the French Bonnat chocolate have been passed on to the next generations since 1884. Today they are indispensable from the range of gourmets, but even the non-connoisseurs cannot get enough of this. That is why they are prominently present in our range.


The chocolate bars from Bonnat are made from cocoa beans from all over the world. Bonnat initially used beans from the French colonies in Africa, Indochina and Asia, but today they come from all over the world. Each bar has a specific and unique taste experience.


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  • Chocolat Bonnat - 100%
    Chocolat Bonnat - 100%

    An unsweetened variant from Venezuela. This chocolate has no additives like sugar and only contains cocoa and cocoa butter.

    Weight: 100 grams

    Cocoa: 100%

    € 6,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Apotequil 75%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Apotequil 75%

    This dark Chocolat Bonnat is made from a type of Porcelana cocoa bean, grown in Peru. Very similar to the true Venezuelan Porcelana is this cocoa and there is no doubt that it ended up in Peru as a result of trade between…

    € 9,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Café 65%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Café 65%

    Pure chocolate with coffee.

    Cocoa: 65%

    Weight: 100 gr

    € 6,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Chuao 75%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Chuao 75%

    Hailing from Chuao in Venezuela, the indisputable number one in the field of cocoa. Chuao cocoa is a very rare sub-port of Criollo cocoa. Chuao cocoa beans are known for their superior quality and exceptionally complex taste…

    € 9,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Côte d'Ivoire 75%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Côte d'Ivoire 75%

    The classic qualities of the Ivory Coast cocoa: a world of colors and scents of its land, the patience and attentive charm of its farmers and all under the brightness of the African sky. The flowery flavors melt into a smooth…

    € 4,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Équateur 75%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Équateur 75%

    The sun is caught in the Equateur chocolate bar, which comes from South America. Although the taste is bittersweet, it also has a subtle and delicate fragrance reminiscent of flowers and honey.

    Weight: 100 grams

    Cocoa: 75%

    € 4,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Haiti 75%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Haiti 75%

    This rich and fragrant bar has a strong cocoa taste with spicy citrus notes.

    Weight: 100 grams

    Cocoa: 75%

    € 6,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Ivoire 40%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Ivoire 40%

    Discover a special white chocolate from Bonnat, made with dark chocolate butter. If you thought white chocolate is inferior to milk chocolate or dark cocoa, you will find out how wrong you were through this masterpiece. For white…

    € 4,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Morenita 65%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Morenita 65%

    This milk chocolate is made with rare Mexican cocoa beans, the color of which is reminiscent of warm caramel. This color makes it possible for the bar to have a high cocoa percentage and also the typical caramel tint of highly…

    € 5,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Puerto Cabello 75%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Puerto Cabello 75%

    Remarkable and delicate tonic taste. The unique flavor of this bar from Venezuela stays on your palate for a long time.

    Weight: 100 grams

    Cocoa: 75%

    € 4,95
  • Chocolat Bonnat - Trinité 75%
    Chocolat Bonnat - Trinité 75%

    When this chocolate melts in the mouth, it reveals its true nature: it looks as if the sun of the Antilles is caught in it. This chocolate from Trinidad is a must for anyone who wants to gain experience with cocoa of very good…

    € 4,95


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