It was in April of 1954 when the master chocolatier, Francesc Agrás, embarked on a long journey through the best patisseries and confectioneries in Europe.

His passion for excellence in artisan confectionery was the seed that led to the founding of one of the most renowned catalan chocolate factories: Bombons Blanxart.

It all started in a modest workshop in the neighborhood of Les Corts (Barcelona) and feeding a dream: bringing the best cocoa beans from Ghana, Congo and Guayaquil to chocolate.

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  • Blanxart - Negro Ecuador 95%
    Blanxart - Negro Ecuador 95%

    The Nacional from Ecuador is one of the most aromatic types of cocoa available. The Blanxart Negro 95% stands out for its powerful, spicy notes.

    The cocoa is grown in the flow area of the Guayas river, in the province of guayas.…

    € 5,25
  • Blanxart - Negro Nicaragua 85%
    Blanxart - Negro Nicaragua 85%

    Natural de Bosawás, a hilly rainforest in Nicaragua, which was registered in 1997 as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The bar contains the two cocoa varieties Criollo and Trinitaio, the second of which is a cross between the Criollo…

    € 5,25
  • Blanxart - Negro Filipinas 71%
    Blanxart - Negro Filipinas 71%

    The Blanxart Negro Filipinas 71% finds its roots in the Philippine province of Davao Oriental on the South-Western island of Mindanao. In the municipality of San Isidro several farmers work together with the cultivation of the…

    € 5,25
  • Blanxart - Leche Congo 42%
    Blanxart - Leche Congo 42%

    The cocoa of the Blanxart Leche Congo 42% comes from the Mountains of the Moon: a legendary mountain range in East Africa, where according to the Ancient Greek geologist and Astrologer Ptolemaeus the Nile originates. The noble…

    € 5,25
  • Blanxart - Dark Chocolate with Stevia 74% (Sugarfree)
    Blanxart - Dark Chocolate with Stevia 74% (Sugarfree)

    Chocolate that makes you happy! Different plantations, distributed over Ghana, provide the cocoa for this chocolate. The bar is sweetened with stevia making it very suitable for people who are not allowed or want to eat…

    € 5,25
  • Blanxart - Dark Chocolate with Stevia and Nibs 85% (Sugarfree)
    Blanxart - Dark Chocolate with Stevia and Nibs 85% (Sugarfree)

    Chocolate that makes you happy! Those who do not want sugar but still want tasty dark chocolate must have this bar. As a sweetener, stevia is used inter alia. The pieces of cocoa bean (nibs) provide both an extra bite and a bit of…

    € 5,25
  • Blanxart - Peru 100%
    Blanxart - Peru 100%

    This 100% chocolate is made in the traditional way from hand-selected criollo cocoa beans from the Alto Piura region in Peru. A beautiful full cocoa has fresh acidity and mild bitter notes.

    Weight: 125 grams

    € 5,25


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